SiteUpload is a .NET command-line app for uploading websites to FTP servers. It's smart enough to upload only changed files.

FTP servers are frequently funny about times they assign to files, so this app cannot compare local and remote times when deciding whether to upload. So it uses a local file to remember which files it uploaded.


SiteUpload <local dir> <server address> <port> <username> <password><remote dir> <settings file>


SiteUpload c:\myweb 21 wille coyotee /webcontent mysettings.xml

The app is smart about deciding whether a file is text or binary: if it has more than 20 percent of bytes > 127, then it's a binary file; otherwise it's text.


Get the binaries here.

If you need to make any modification, then download the source. You'll also need the FtpLib source or binaries.

I'm distributing it under the FreeBSD license.

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